Design & Installation

At Perfect Landscapes, we take your ideas and bring them to life. Our designers will build a full-scale landscaping plan and rendering so you can see exactly what your outdoor space will look like down to the last detail. We specialize in creating easy to implement stages so that you can build your dream landscape and outdoor patio design all at once or gradually over time.

Please take a look at the full suite of design and installation services we offer:

Landscape Design Master Plan

Our qualified landscape designers have studied their art for many years and will guide you through every decision and placement. We will source all the materials and will ensure continuity in the aesthetics for your landscape.

Pool Installation

Get the luxurious and relaxing swimming pool and entertaining space you’ve been dreaming about. Custom shapes, depth, and sizes as well as spa, waterfall, outdoor kitchen, bar or dining space options are available.

Softscapes: Plants & Color Scheme

Softscape landscaping consists of elements such as flowers, soil, shrubs, trees, turf and color schemes. Our landscape designers can create a stunning space that balances these elements.

Hardscapes: Masonry & Construction

The perfect balance of hardscapes and softscapes will create a spectacular landscape design that will be admired by all. Hardscapes refers to design elements such as patios, rocks and walkways.

Water Features

Water is very calming and provides us with a natural way to relax and a great backdrop for entertaining. At Perfect Landscapes, we have created some of the most beautiful natural ponds, waterfalls, and fountains in the Northern Virginia area.

Landscape Lighting

A whole new world of elegance can be created as landscape lighting transforms your outdoor space into a nighttime panorama of stunning beauty. Our low voltage lighting specialist will install and maintain your system.

Grading & Draining

Perfect Landscapes has the expertise and equipment to correct problems such as a  landscape that is retaining water or needs a finer grade. Proper drainage is essential to prevent unnecessary damage and cost.

Irrigation Systems

Programmed irrigation controllers meet the specific needs of the plants and trees of your landscape. Each system is completely adjustable to each individual plant. Our goal is to provide you with “no worry” irrigation.