Maintenance Service Descriptions

Year-round lawn maintenance is critical to having the beautiful lush lawns that we all admire and want. We have created maintenance packages with optional additional services that are designed to keep your outdoor space healthy and vibrant. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Below, you will find easy access to more information about each of our main Maintenance Services.

Lawn Mowing

Beginning in early April through December, we will maintain your lawn to the proper grass height, trim, edge, mulch the clippings and blow all exposed areas clean.

Turf Care

Perfect Landscapes provides 5 Key Rounds of Treatment throughout the season to keep your lawn healthy. We also offer specialized services to ensure you lawn has that lush look we all admire.


Perfect Landscapes offers expert mulching and garden bed services that will keep your flowers and decorative plants healthy, vibrant and clear of debris for maximum impact.

Garden Visits Service

We take landscape management to its highest level with our Garden Visits service. This service occurs bi-weekly throughout the growing season ensuring a very well-manicured and consistent appearance.

Integrated Pest Management

This service provided by Perfect Landscapes is designed to keep your landscape free from the damage that pests can cause if left unattended. We apply preventative treatments so your plants stay free of pests.

Organic Mosquito & Tick Treatment

We treat your property with an all organic Cedar Oil that interrupts the life cycle of mosquitoes. Beneficial insects like honey bees, lady bugs etc. are not harmed.

Tree & Shrub Pruning Services

Pruning is one of the most important aspects of Landscape Management. It maintains a plant’s natural or preferred “shape,” which contributes to the health of the plant as it allows for air, light and water to properly travel to the plant.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Perfect Landscapes will provide the appropriate fertilizer for your trees and shrubs. This service is performed once in the Spring and once in the Fall. We highly recommended this service for the health of your plants.

Leaf Cleanup Services

Our Leaf Cleanup & Removal service includes a two-man crew equipped with high power blowers, all the necessary set up and travel time. Leaves can be blown into the woods or vacuumed up and hauled away (a disposal fee applies).

Water Feature Maintenance

Perfect Landscapes offers expert mulching and garden bed services that will keep your flowers and decorative plants healthy and vibrant. We properly care for your gardens to ensure they are free of debris for maximum function and beauty.

Annual Flowers

Give your outdoor space a pop of color each summer and fall. Perfect Landscapes will prepare the soil, plant selected annuals and install mulch as needed.

Bed Care

From debris cleanup to mulch cultivation and bed winterization, Perfect Landscapes can take care of all your bed care needs. We’ll keep your decorative plants healthy and vibrant and provide preventative weed application services.