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    Payments are due upon completion of contracted services, and for your convenience, we provide invoices. Perfect Landscapes, LLC sends all regular maintenance invoices on or around the 20th day of each month for all for services performed 28+ days prior. If you do not receive an invoice shortly after this time period, please be sure to contact us immediately to have us resend a copy. All other invoices are sent as services are contracted and completed based on the agreed payment schedule.

    All one-time jobs may either require a deposit or payment in full before work is scheduled.

    All landscape and enhancement jobs will require a 60% deposit to be paid before scheduling any work. The remaining 40% is due upon completion, but this may vary on larger projects.

    Some maintenance contracts may also require a deposit which will be credited to the final invoice for the calendar year.

    Per the Terms and Conditions, all invoices are due upon receipt. Invoices may be sent via email or postal mail. For more information regarding billing and payments, please refer to our PAYMENTS AND DISBURSEMENTS section in the Terms and Conditions. Please provide the billing information below.

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    Perfect Landscapes will charge the credit cards for $1.00 to assure the card is valid. This $1.00 will be credited to the first invoice.

    Statements that are 60 days past due may result in automatic suspension of the account. Once full payment is made, Perfect Landscapes may elect to either continue services or void this contract. If you need to set up a payment plan for an overdue account, please call our office at (703) 433-2739.

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