Is Your Equipment Safe?


It is our standard policy to maintain our machines on a scheduled maintenance program. First and foremost, the safety of our employees, clients and the general public is of the utmost importance to us. Secondly, we make sure our machines are well-maintained to extend their life and to ensure that we maintain high quality [...]

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How Often Will Your Cut My Lawn?


Perfect Landscapes will visit your property every week (except during drought months). The crew leader will decide which services need to be provided in order to maintain a consistently manicured appearance. In certain situations, that visit may consist of only trimming and edging. If for some reason you would like us to “skip” a [...]

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What Day Is My Lawn Maintained?


We would love to mow every lawn on Friday, but that is not possible. We set a schedule determining which area is serviced on a particular day. We can maintain your lawn on a specific day for a special occasion with a one-week notice.

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What Are Your Maintenance Packages?


Perfect Landscapes LLC provides three maintenance packages for your convenience. With each package comes several optional services that can be added. Some of the maintenance services offered are: Mulching, Pruning, Lawn and Plant Fertilization, Lawn Renovations, Integrated Pest Management programs, and Leaf removal. Perfect Landscapes LLC can also handle any landscaping services you might [...]

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Should I Care If My Lawn Service is Licensed, Insured and Has Workman’s Compensation?


YES YOU SHOULD! If the company you use is not licensed or insured, then they are not liable for unsatisfactory work and damages which may occur on your property or your neighbors’ property.  It is to your advantage to eliminate your liability as the property owner. In other words, if someone gets hurt without the proper insurance, YOU [...]

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How Does Perfect Landscapes Compare to the Competition In Price?


We are not the most expensive, nor are we the cheapest. We believe that when you consider all aspects of the Perfect Landscapes LLC program – our consistent quality, reliability, efficiency and our professional reputation – you will find that we are the best value in the business.

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How Do I Pay For Your Service?


For the lawn maintenance service, we bill monthly and have DUE UPON RECEIPT Terms. For our specialty services (mulching, pruning, leaf removal, etc.), we bill 60% up front before work starts and the balance is due upon completion.

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