What height should grass be mowed?


The Higher the Better! Experts now recommend a longer turf grass for many different reasons. Here are a few of the most important: Promotes deeper root growth. Provides shade to soil which helps to reduce invasive weed germination. Reduces the chance of drought conditions. Cutting turf too short can shock grass plants and damage [...]

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Is Mulching Important?


Is It Important to Use Mulch in Your Landscape Beds Mulching your landscape planting beds should be considered an integral part of your season landscape maintenance plan. The most obvious reason is the clean, groomed appearance it adds to your property. A nicely mulched landscape planting bed imparts a good feeling to visitors about [...]

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How Do I Water My Lawn Efficiently?


In certain regions and in certain years, water may be scarce as water reservoirs may not have adequate supply from rainfall. This can lead to a hosepipe ban in some areas meaning that use of a hosepipe-fed lawn sprinkler is not possible. An attractive lawn needs a lot of water. What are the options [...]

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What Is Top Dressing And Why Top Dress The Lawn?


Top dressing the lawn is the process of adding a fine layer of “home mixed quality soil” to the lawn surface. Top dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time: Sandy soils will be able to retain moisture better and so the lawn will [...]

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What Are The Best Lawn Care Treatment Techniques For Shaded Lawns?


Shaded lawns have different requirements from lawns that are grown in full sunlight. A shaded lawn may be in full sun for part of the day and full shade for the rest of the day or it may receive filtered sunlight that passes through the canopy of the trees and leaves.Stress Effects of Shade on [...]

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What Does “Overseeding” Mean?


Is your lawn composed of cool season grasses? If so, it may well take a beating from the heat to which it is subjected in summer. After all, by definition, cool-season grasses crave the cooler temperatures of spring and autumn. But there’s something you can do to undo summer’s assault. It’s called “overseeding lawns” “Overseeding [...]

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Why do we need to aerate the lawn?


Over time the soil that the lawn grows on can become compacted due to a number of reasons such as use for sports, walking, vehicles, parking and children playing. This soil compaction can have a negative effect on your lawn. Not enough air or water: Compacted soil leads to a reduced amount of air [...]

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What Is Lawn Aeration?


Lawn aeration is the process of creating air channels in your lawn so that air can freely pass into the soil and circulate around the grass roots. This aeration is achieved by either: A) Removing small cylinder shaped cores about 0.5cm wide and 5-10cm deep (similar to the idea of coring an apple), this [...]

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