Water Feature Maintenance

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Water Feature Maintenance

Residential Pond and Water Garden Spring Clean-Out and Maintenance

Water features add beauty, and calming visuals and sounds to your outdoor space. To make sure they stay serene and don’t become a headache, proper maintenance is extremely important. Perfect Landscapes has extensive expertise in building and maintaining ponds and water gardens of all types.

Our full-service pond and water garden package covers all your maintenance needs, including:

  • Early Spring clean-out of ponds and water gardens in March or April.
  • Place all fish in temporary containers during clean-out.
  • Pump-out and drain dirty water from pond basin and waterfalls.
  • Power-wash all rocks and stones in water garden to remove accumulated algae and organic debris. Remove and dispose.
  • Remove filter media from waterfalls and pump basin and power-wash to remove accumulated organic debris. Re-install filters.
  • Check pond liner for leaks, rips, and tears. If repairs are required, an estimate shall be provided to homeowner.
  • Check all plumbing connections, pipes, and fixtures. If repairs are required, an estimate shall be provided to homeowner.
  • Check all underwater light fixtures, wiring, and connections. Replace any burned out bulbs. If repairs or new bulbs are required, an estimate shall be provided to homeowner.
  • Check water garden transformer and timer and reset for Spring season.
  • Remove dead growth from aquatic plants. Thin out aquatic plants as needed.
  • Re-fill water garden to proper level.
  • Pre-treat chlorine in water prior to placing fish back into water garden.
  • Place fish back into water garden.
  • Turn pumps back on and check water flow through waterfalls. Adjust as needed.
  • Clean water garden of all debris and dust.
  • Throughout growing season, perform monthly site visits to check water level, pump and water flow, adjust as needed. Check filters and empty as needed. Check all electrical, plumbing connections. Check for rodents and pests.
  • Place deer netting over pond basin and waterfalls in Early Fall to prevent leaves from fallen into water garden. Upon completion of fall leaf clean-up, remove deer netting.

You can view our extensive water feature gallery by clicking here.

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