Integrated Pest Management in Sterling, Virginia

This service provided by Perfect Landscapes is designed to keep your landscape free from the damage that pests can cause if left unattended. And the best course of action is to apply preventative treatments so your lawn and landscapes stay free of pests.

Our certified staff at Perfect Landscapes will visit your property to inspect your lawn and landscaping for insects at regular intervals throughout the year. This is a great value to your investment as bugs can damage and even kill your plants very quickly if not addressed.

Our integrated pest management services prepare and protect the landscape from unacceptable pest populations by applying the correct product(s) — at the correct time, and nothing more. We do not “blanket spray” your lawn and landscape with chemicals, we simply control insect populations on an as-needed basis.

We won’t over-spray, so you won’t over-pay for services you don’t need!

Mites, scale, adelgids, aphids, leaf minors, lace bugs, bag worms, tent caterpillars and Japanese beetles are just a few of the insects that are controlled.

And we love pets. We have environmentally-friendly and pet-friendly products that will achieve the results you want with the safety your whole family deserves.

IPM Round 1 Early Spring – Granular Insecticide. This first step is important in building up the immune system of selected plants. As soon as winter breaks, a low dosage of Imidacloprid insecticide is applied to selected plants in the landscape. The product breaks down quickly and is translocated systemically through the root system. The insecticide moves through the entire plant, building a defense mechanism to protect against future attacks. Imidacloprid defends against plant destroying insects such as Adelgids, Aphids, Soft scales and Japanese Beetle grubs. The early timing of this application allows for the flowering ornamentals to be pollinated without causing harm to the beneficial pollinating insects. Imidacloprid will provide protection for up to 4 months.

Round 2 Late Spring – Horticultural Oil. This second step is taken in an effort to back up and reinforce the first application made in Round 1. Horticultural oil is sprayed on leaves, branches and surrounding soil to keep insects from climbing onto the plant and beginning to feed. The longevity of this application is dependent on the amount of rainfall and photodegradation. With optimum conditions it will provide protection for up to 45 days.

Round 3 Summer – Insecticide Spray. Summer in the Mid-Atlantic region yields hot temperatures, high humidity and the most invasive and damage causing insects. Carbaryl is sprayed on selected landscape plant material as a preventative and curative action. This low dosage insecticide when used properly will offer plant protection for up to 45 days.

Round 4 Early Fall – Monitoring. This step generally occurs in the late summer/early Fall timeframe. Our experienced technicians look for any symptoms of disease and harmful insect activity that may be occurring to selected plants in the landscape. If problems are found during this visit appropriate measures will be taken to halt or mitigate damage to plant material via further applications of required insecticides.

Round 5 Late Fall – Anti Desiccant – During the winter months the most damage to trees and shrubs is through desiccation. When soils freeze, plants utilize water found in their leaves and stems in order to survive. Evergreens are most prone because they do not drop their leaves as opposed to deciduous plants. An anti-desiccant is sprayed on selected landscape plant materials to help them retain moisture before the winter freeze occurs. This allows selected landscape plant material to maintain optimum levels of moisture without drying out.

If you are interested in our Organic Mosquito and Tick Treatment Services, you can learn more here.

Please note that our integrated pest management services are available through our maintenance packages.



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