Lawn Mowing in Chantilly, Virginia

There’s nothing like a freshly mowed lawn — except perhaps having your whole weekend to enjoy the yard instead of mowing, trimming, edging and clearing the clippings from drives and walkways!

Perfect Landscapes has created the ideal schedule for your lawn and your schedule. Beginning in early April and ending in December, we will maintain the proper height of grass for your lawn at 3”-3.5” with approximately 27-33 cuts through the season. The frequency of mowing will vary according to the weather.


Prior to mowing, minor amounts of trash, sticks, and debris shall be picked up and removed. Please Note: Any homeowner toys, tools, etc. will be moved in order to mow, but we are NOT responsible for any damage to such items. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have their property free of such items prior to each service visit. All turf areas shall be mowed with a tractor or walk behind mower. For small, hard to reach areas or hillsides greater than 10% slope, we will use a 21” push mower.


All areas not accessible by mowers, including all trees, garden beds, walls, fence lines, walkways, telephone poles, etc. shall be trimmed to maintain a sharp and neat appearance.


All sidewalk, curb, walkway, and driveway areas within the property shall be edged each mowing visit to maintain a sharp appearance. All sidewalk, curb, and driveway seams will be kept free of weeds and grass. Edging along asphalt driveways is tricky, but we will use a string trimmer and do our best.

Bagging of Clippings

We are an environmentally-friendly company and we highly recommend not bagging your lawn clippings. We instead recommend recycling all grass clippings into your lawn during each mowing visit to minimize bag waste and to return nutrients back to your lawn. In cases when the removal of clippings is necessary, bagging of the grass clippings is available during spring for lawns less than 8,000 sq. ft. at an additional price. Also, when requested, we will bag the clippings and place bags on curb for homeowner trash pick-up when the grass becomes too high for mulching and recycling into lawn.


Before the Perfect Landscapes team leaves your yard, all driveway, deck, driveway, curb, patio, sidewalk, and walkway areas will be blown clean of grass clippings, dust, and debris. It’s the finishing touch that will keep your outdoor space neat and tidy.

Please note that our lawn mowing services are only available as a part of our packaged services.



Custom residential lawn & landscape maintenance, design and installation.  Areas we service in Northern Virginia:

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