Pruning in Reston, Virginia

Pruning is one of the most important aspects of Landscape Management. It can not only maintain a plant’s natural or “shaped” form, but also (if done correctly) contributes to the overall health of the plant as it allows for air, light, and water to properly travel through and around the plant.

Specifically, pruning is primarily done to remove dead, dying and diseased branches, as well as branches that are crossing or growing away from their intended path. Pruning can also keep a plant within a defined boundary i.e. away from buildings, sidewalks, cars, etc.

This service is ideally done for shrubs — a minimum of three times during the growing season, and for trees — once thoroughly in the late fall or winter and on an as-needed basis throughout the growing season

Benefits of Perfect Landscapes Professional Pruning Service:

  • It provides a neatly manicured pruning of shrubs and trees that enhances curb appeal and can increase the value of your property. Plants that are not properly maintained can easily out-grown their preferred space, which can have a very negative affect on the appearance of your home.
  • One form of pruning (dead heading) throughout the growing season will greatly enhance the beauty of your landscape by increasing the flower production of your annuals and perennials.
  • Professional pruning can greatly reduce the risks of insect and disease damage — saving expensive chemical and plant replacement costs. In short — it protects your investment!

Ornamental Tree Pruning

* All ornamental trees up to 20′ tall will be pruned to remove all dead and crossing branches, thinned out for better light and air circulation and the canopy elevated to the appropriate height.

* Sucker growth and water shoots will be removed.

* All pruning cuts will be made to lateral branches, buds or flush cut with trunk. No stubbing will be allowed. All resulting branches and debris will be removed from property.

Shrub Pruning

* All shrubs will be pruned as necessary to maintain a well-kept appearance. Informal shrubbery will be hand pruned to remove older and dead branches and to maintain their natural appearance.

* Formal shrubbery will be sheared and shaped to maintain form.

* Ground covers will be pruned to contain them within their borders and to keep them away from buildings and other plant material.

Please note that our pruning services are available through our maintenance packages.



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